She keeps all the secrets in one
place - in her mobile phone!
Little Tanya bday party 17:00 Svetas client @ the hotel
Ultrasound scan, 8 am How to delete CCTV records
Check the papers in the flower shop Check out the shepherd girl. A virgin?
Fix the body issue Little Tanya bday party 17:00
Stop the shepherd girl bidding Ultrasound scan, 8 am
Mother-in-lawmissed (9)
Galya (hotel manager)outgoing
Galya (hotel manager)missed (5)
Flora (wholesale)incoming
Zhenya (shepherd girl)outgoing 
Sveta (with curls)incoming
Artem (husband)incoming
Gulya (flower shop)incoming
Stanislav (woman's doctor)incoming 
Katya (daughter)outgoing
Volodya (driver)outgoing
Darya (coach)incoming
AC (VIP client)incoming
Armen (client)incoming
Artem (husband)outgoing
Little Tanya (daughter)outgoing
Little Tanya (daughter)incoming
Maxim S (client)incoming
Sveta (with curls)outgoing
two days ago
+7 (499) 000 02 30incoming
two days ago
two days ago
two days ago
Prenatal Careoutgoing
two days ago
Artem (husband)incoming
two days ago
Volodya (driver)incoming
two days ago
Denis from Armenmissed
two days ago
Sergey (new client)missed
two days ago

Sveta (with curls) 19:30 Marina, my friend Zhenya wants to start earning too… Shes beautiful and attractive. A virgin. Will U look at her? When will we meet?
Prenatal Care Clinic 19:30 Hi, Marina, you have an appointment for an ultrasound scan at office 486 on October 12 at 8:00.
Artem (husband) 19:30 The babys going to be fine, dont worry. Will be home by 17:00
Gulya (flower shop) 19:30 Marina Sergeyevna, we are out of roses, we need a new supply.
Volodya (driver) 19:30 Marina Sergeyevna, the car broke down, I need the money to repair it...
Bakery 19:30 Your birthday cake is ready! Please, pick it up anytime today before 21:00
Katya (daughter) 19:30 Y am I always babysitting Tanya? R U parents o wut??? Ive got my own life! Its the last time Im doing this only coz its her bday!
Galya (hotel manager) 19:30 Come to the hotel ASAP, your hooker seems very dead!
Zhenya (shepherd girl) 19:30 Hello, Marina. Have you heard from Sveta? She hasnt been home for two days, I dont know why...
Mother-in-law 19:30 Where the hell are you??? PICK UP!!! Our poor little Tanya has been crying for 3 hours behind the closed door!!!
Unknown 19:30 I shag your husband

Sveta (with curls)
Two days ago
Sveta, hi. Have you fixed the problem you mentioned? 12:03
Hey, Marina. Yes, its getting better, thx. Im ready to work. 12:54
Great. You have an appointment at Chaika hotel on Tuesday at 16:00, remember? 13:20
Sure do. Even bought new lingerie. BTW how muchs he paying? J 13:25
The usual - $500 13:40
Awesome! 13:43
Okay, keep me posted. 13:48
Marina, my friend Zhenya wants to start earning too… Shes beautiful and attractive. A virgin. 10:07

Hi, Marina, you have an appointment for an ultrasound scan at office 486 on October 12 at 8:00. 12:00

Artem (husband)
Artem, when will you be home? I will have to come later, have problems at the shop. 14:36
Marina, sweetie, Im running late too, the surgery has been rescheduled. Mama will babysit the kids. 14:58
Sure, how can we manage without her. Okay, see you J 15:01
Ive got an appointment for an ultrasound scan at the clinic tomorrow at 8. Can you go with me? Do you remember about our baby daughters birthday tomorrow? The celebration starts at 17:00. 18:11
Marina, honey, Ill go with you. Of course I remember about our sweet Tanya, Ive already got a day off. 18:30
Well done xx 18:33
xx honey 18:48
Sorry I had to go. Of course, they cant perform a surgery without me... 9:23
The babys going to be fine, dont worry. Will be home by 17:00. 9:24

Gulya (flower shop)
Gulya we are having cash shortages all the time. I cant get why. Ill come by and well sort it out. 15:37
Really? I never noticed. There must be some mistake. 15:40
Marina Sergeyevna, we are out of roses, we need a new supply. 09:12

Volodya (driver)
Marina Sergeyevna, I think Gulya is stealing from you... 13:25
Volodya, please, mind your own business. I will take care. 13:30
Okay… I meant well 13:35
Marina Sergeyevna, the car broke down, I need the money to repair it... 10:06

Your birthday cake is ready! Please, pick it up anytime today before 21:00. 10:00

Katya (daughter)
Two days ago
Mum, give me 5k rub. plz. I have this thing at uni and we R chipping in. 11:38
Katya, how many times this month youve needed the money? I will, but, please, be more careful with money! 11:44
Thx, mummy!!! 11:53
Katya, where are you? I cant reach you. You need to spend some time with little Tanya, while im getting all ready for her birthday. 9:11
Mum, Im @ uni. 10:29
Little Tanya and I are on our way to you. 10:31
Y am I always babysitting Tanya? R U parents o wut??? Ive got my own life! Its the last time Im doing this only coz its her bday! 12:43

Galya (hotel manager)
Galya, Sveta has an appointment on Tuesday at 16:00, get the room ready, please. 14:45
Marina, OK, I got it. 14:50
Marina, its room 616, 6th floor. 15:08
Okay, thanks. 15:10
Come to the hotel ASAP, your hooker seems very dead! 19:58

Zhenya (shepherd girl)
Marina Sergeyevna, I sent you the medical certificate, made photos, bought lingerie. Whats next? 17:08
Wait. Ill call later and tell you everything. 17:15
Okay. 17:19
Hello, Marina. Have you heard from Sveta? She hasnt been home for two days, I dont know why... 23:09

Two days ago
Sweet little Tanya is having a birthday soon! How do we celebrate? 08:40
Well have a party at home. At around 17:00. I will get everything ready by myself, come at 17:00 straight to the celebration. 9:37
Marina, darling, I will come earlier to help you! You must be running out of time for your family again... 9:40
Okay, as you wish. I will buy food, and Ive already ordered the cake. 9:55
Well, I hope so! 9:56
Where the hell are you??? PICK UP!!! Our poor baby Tanya has been crying for 3 hours behind the closed door!!! 14:09

I shag your husband 20:15

Marina (my contact)
Artem (husband)
Katya (daughter)
Little Tanya (daughter)
Sveta (with curls)
Zhenya (shepherd girl)
Galya (hotel manager)
Gulya (flower shop)
Volodya (driver)
A.B. (currency)
Armen (client)
AC (VIP client)
Vadim (photographer)
G.S. (brunette lover)
Rose flower
Darya (coach)
Denis from Armen (new client)
Wild Orchid
Wild Angel
Prenatal Care
Luberetsky (escort service)
Maxim S (client)
Michael (VIP)
Nickolay (Happy Kids, clown)
Sergey (medical certificates)
Flora (wholesale)
Wind Rose
Sergey (new client)
Stanislav (woman's doctor)
White Flower

(my contact)
Full name: Marina Sergeyevna Lavrova
Age: 39
Employment: flower shop
Employment 2: hidden information
Interests: family, earnings
Husband: Artem Igorevich Lavrov
Kids: Katya (17),
Tanya (9)
e-mail: mlavrova@tv3.ru
Phone: 8916306528
Full name: Artem Igorevich Lavrov
Age: 40
Employment: surgeon
Interests: professional career
Wife: Marina Sergeyevna Lavrova
Mum: Antonina Vasilyevna Lavrova
Mistress: hidden information
Kids: Katya (17),
Tanya (9)
e-mail: аlavrov@tv3.ru
Phone: 8916526452
Full name: Katya Lavrova
Age: 17
Employment: university student
University: Moscow State Law University
Interests: parties, boyfriend, bikes
Dad: Artem Igorevich Lavrov
Mum: Marina Sergeyevna Lavrova
Boyfriend: Petya
e-mail: klavrova@tv3.ru
Phone: 8903451752
Little Tanya
Full name: Tanya Lavrova
Age: 9
Employment: school student
Interests: rhythmic gymnastics
Dad: Artem Igorevich Lavrov
Mum: Marina Sergeyevna Lavrova
e-mail: tlavrova@tv3.ru
Phone: 8903921148
(with curls)
Full name: Svetlana Selezneva
Age: 20
Employment: hidden information
Employer: Marina Sergeyevna Lavrova
Interests: money, shopping, cool rides
Motto: I Want. I Can. I Screw
e-mail: sselezneva@tv3.ru
Phone: 8915423447
(shepherd girl)
Full name: Evgenia Krasnova
Age: 19
Employment: university student
University: MSU
Employment 2: hidden information
Employer: Marina Sergeyevna Lavrova
Interests: steady income
e-mail: ekrasnova@tv3.ru
Phone: 8910435139

Full name: Antonina Vasilyevna Lavrova
Age: 67
Employment: accountant, retired
Interests: son, grand children, TV shows
Son: Artem Lavrov (40)
Daughter-in-law: Marina Lavrova
e-mail: аlavrova@tv3.ru
Phone: 8985149421
(hotel manager)
Full name: Galina Sergeyevna
Age: 31
Employment: hotel receptionist
Employment 2: assistant of Marina Lavrova
Interests: to marry well
e-mail: galina@tv3.ru
Phone: 8968476335
(flower shop)
Full name: Gulnara
Age: 29
Employment: sales girl at Flowers 24/7
Работодатель: Marina Sergeyevna Lavrova
Interests: residency registration
e-mail: gulya@tv3.ru
Phone: 8914521495
Full name: Vladimir
Age: 56
Employment: driver at Flowers 24/7
Работодатель: Marina Sergeyevna Lavrova
Interests: cars
e-mail: volodyadriver@tv3.ru
Phone: 8958627841
Little Tanya bday party 17:00

1. More things to buy:
• kids champagne
• juice 5 pcs
• candles 9 pcs
• fruits
• tissues

2. Collect the cake

3. Call the clown from Happy Kids

two days ago, 14:53
Stop the shepherd girl bidding
Around 23:00

Or as demand starts falling
Should put up the price at least to $10k
Not forget to send pictures as soon as they are ready
Show the client a virginity certificate

today, 18:30
Check out the shepherd girl. A virgin?
Voyage shopping mall (and collect a cake while there)
Have a look at her body
Ask about her motivation
Send to see the doctor and get a certificate

уesterday, 12:03
Fix the body issue
How to take it out? In a suitcase?
Learn what mattress consists of
What are the filling layers?
Where to bury? In the woods?

today, 20:11
Buy a spade
Find a strong one
Call in at a hypermarket
Only cash, no cards
Avoid CCTV

today, 21:00
How to delete CCTV records
Talk to Galya
How are the cameras situated?
Find a security expert
Learn the cameras modifications

today, 19:17
Svetas client @ the hotel
Chaika hotel, 16:00
Is the client reliable?
Remind Sveta
Give Galya the notice

уesterday, 15:10
Check the papers in the flower shop
Why we have shortfalls?
Gulya takes cash from money box?
Volodya steals?
Revise all the bills
All the card operations

two days ago, 17:13
Ultrasound scan, 8 am
Clinic N 57
Office 206
Dr Stanislav Valeryevich (obstetrician)
E-queue, not be late!

two days ago, 10:03
Where to buy a big spade Remote places near Moscow The biggest suitcase dimensions Learn what mattress consists of How to ease kids leg pain
Fetal anomaly after week 28 what to do Double room for one night The best place to buy white roses wholesale Gymnastics for a 9 year old girl How to anonymously withdraw money from the account
Two days ago
Invite a birthday clown for a kid Best bakery reviews Erotic photoshoot How to get around the block of Telegram Films starring Anna Mikhalkova reviews


Ultrasound scan
- 4 500
– 3000
Food for bday
– 6500
For Katya and Tanya
– 2000
Van health check
– 15 000
– 700
– 3500
Flower shop
Mikhail A.
+50 000
A. V. 
+65 000
Maxim S
+60 000
Anonymous transfer
+67 000
+30 000
Sveta (with curls)
+85 000
+45 000
+25 000
Lil’ Maya
+40 000
Sveta (with curls)
+70 000
Anonymous transfer
+56 000

Valuevsky forest park Moscow region
Chaika hotel Central district
Hypermarket South district
Bakery Central district
Flower shop Garden Ring road
State University West district
Prenatal Care South district
Chaika hotel Central district
Sex shop Central district
Flower shop Garden Ring road
Сar wash West district
Voyage shopping mall West district
Two days ago
Gymnastics school South district
Spa center South district
Chaika hotel Central district
Market South district

AV Marina, the lady is gorgeous, thank you. Next time I will visit her too. 21:15
Great. 21:15
We have two girls available this week. $700 per hour. Who is up? 21:15
Luberetsky Ill take one. Tuesday night. At Chaika hotel, as usual? 21:15
Yes, at Chaika. Ill forward you her room shortly 21:15
G.S. Whos the second available lady? A brunette? Any pictures? 21:15
Right, the brunette. Ill forward you the pictures. 21:15
G.S. Great, Ill be seeing to our meeting. Thursday from 19:00 to 21:00. 21:15
Deal. 21:15
AV Is Sveta available today? 21:15
No, today shes not. Will next Monday suit you? 21:15
AV Ill text you later, I dont know yet 21:15
OK 21:15
Gentlemen, soon well open the bidding for a young shepherd girl, porcelain. The price will be high, but it is a fine figurine we never had before. You will appreciate it. Be ready. 21:15
Armen We are looking forward. 21:15


Рус | Eng

What to do if your wife, the mother of your children turns out to be … a brothel-keeper?

Russian channel TV-3, 1-2-3 Production and Look Film Studio present "An Ordinary Woman", a drama show by Boris Khlebnikov.

Marina is in her late 30s, she has a successful business and a close-knit family. Her husband is a surgeon and her daughters study at fancy establishments. To everybody her life seems perfect. Though, it is all just a facade concealing the real problems: her husband has a mistress, her elder daughter is a slacker and drug-dealer, her youngest is a sociopath. Well, Marina herself is not really a flower-lady, but a brothel-keeper who is hiding her dark business from everyone. The truth may come out when a girl of Marina’s is found dead.

"An Ordinary Woman" premiere October 29 at 9PM on TV-3.

Anna Mikhalkova as Marina Lavrova

Anna Mikhalkova as Marina Lavrova

Marina is busy as a bee solving household and work issues: driving children around, tiding up, cooking, managing her flower business. None of her family members know that Marina is actually a pimp who provides rich customers with girls via an online-messenger.

Your character Marina, despite the title of the series, "An Ordinary Woman", is not that simple and clear-cut. What do you find likable about her?

Marina is an ordinary woman who found herself in unordinary circumstances. I can’t find this character unlikable, as my main challenge in this project is making Marina the most clear and likable character.

We call her "ordinary", as Marina, like most women in our country has to bear responsibility for the whole family: to earn money, run the household, and raise children... It seems to me, now there happens a shift in gender roles: 21th century man is a woman.

Why can't Marina confide in anyone the truth about what she does?

I think, she just doesn't have enough time for it. She constantly survives in quite an extreme situation, that’s why involving some new people into this game may lead to ever more trouble.

Yevgeni Grishkovetz as Artyom Lavrov

Yevgeni Grishkovetz as Artyom Lavrov

Marina’s husband is a talented surgeon with an average paycheck and without any titles or grades. His family and friends believe that it’s because of his tough temper. To let Artyom completely focus on his work, his wife took on solving all the household issues. He suddenly started an affair with a young woman, Nika.

Artyom, your character in "An Ordinary Woman", seems lost, a person who hasn’t yet fulfilled his potential in comparison to his wife. What’s his problem?

My character is a normal man who is a little confused. He may not be eager to jump into extramarital tender embrace, it just happened. He’s not ideal at all, yet he’s alive, has a strong temper and it was interesting to me to play this man. I don’t have to imagine too much: I suppose I’m actually like this too: I have strong principles but I’m not ideal, I don’t understand many things.

Whose fault is it that Marina can’t tell her husband the things that really matter to her.

It’s everybody’s fault. Artyom, for one, sees himself as a hero cowboy who fights for the fairness. He knows that he’s a good doctor and a good friend but he doesn’t want to admit to himself that he is a bad husband and father. Artyom sincerely believes that professional, man’s matters are more important than those of the family. His calling and friendship always come first for him, while his wife and children are just there. That’s why all his world collapses. His father’s authority may have played a role in this: the character respected him very much but didn’t get enough attention from him as well.

Aglaya Tarasova as Sveta Seleznyova

Aglaya Tarasova as Sveta Seleznyova

Sveta found the way to win Marina’s sympathy and get quite a well-payed job in her business. Her dream is reenacting Julia Roberts’ story in Pretty Woman. But a few months ago, Sveta fell in love with a loser conman Misha, that’s how her troubles started.

Your character’s job seems not to give her a chance to play a positive role. Does it mean there can’t be nothing good in her?

Of course it doesn’t. Sveta is very sincere, funny, she knows how to enjoy life. The reason why she decided to become a prostitute isn’t mentioned in the film. However, I suppose she just chooses one of the simplest ways because she thinks that there are no other options. She has already put up with her destiny and can’t picture living any other way.

What is the driving force in her life?

She lives the way she can. Her needs are simple, it’s love and happiness. My character is not focused on money, she sees it as a means of fulfilling her dream of easy life. When Boris Hklebnikov and I were analyzing this image, we concluded that she is a naive child who plays adult games without realizing what she’s doing.

I guess it’s not incidental that the title of the series contains the word "woman"? What does the series tell us about those used to be called "weaker sex"?

This series doesn’t idealize women, it portrays them being different: strong and weak, responsible and reckless... Most importantly, whatever she does, a woman always does her best to bring happiness, calmness and prosperity into her family. What Anna Mikhalkova’s character does proves once again that a Russian woman will go any length for the sake of her family’s wellbeing. She instinctively feels how fragile her world is and does whatever she can to save it.

Aleksandra Bortich as Zhenya Krasnova

Aleksandra Bortich as Zhenya Krasnova

Zhenya comes from province, a student par correspondence of the MSU’s philological department. Once she came to pass her exams and met her old friend Sveta who introduced her to Marina. At that point Zhanya made her mind to auction her virginity in Moscow.

Do you like your character Zhenya?

I do. She is self-contained, she’s an introvert, yet she’s very interesting. I hope the series will go on and she’ll get the chance to open up.

Wasn’t it scary to take up such a complicated phenomenon as prostitution?

No, it wasn’t. This phenomenon does exist. It’s what is happening nearby and around us. It’s not something unusual, on the contrary, it concerns many people. "An Ordinary Woman" is a film about our life. I can’t say I’ve known any actual prostitutes, but I guess it could be interesting to talk to them. But I personally find it very hard to imagine how someone can resort to it. So does my character actually.

What scenes were the most challenging for you?

The actual scene of the virginity selling. You can’t call it especially pleasant – here’s the word for it. My character gets naked, even though not entirely, and is just one step away from making it. It was very important to convey the tension of the situation, therefore, we couldn’t use a backup actor.

Tatyana Dogileva as Antonina Vasilievna Lavrova

Tatyana Dogileva as Antonina Vasilievna Lavrova

Antonina Vasilievna has been working hard to raise her only son Artyom. She didn’t like any of Artyom’s girlfriends, so he rebelled and chose Marina. Over time she got used to her daughter-in-law but couldn’t grow to trust her. Recently the mother-in-law has even started to write down the expenses of her son’s family in a notebook and she is perplexed: where does Marina get all this money?

To what extent your character is conveying the image of "a typical mother-in-law" with all the features characterizing this bossy type?

It’s not my first time playing a mother-in-law in various projects. It’s a typical role in fact, we call it "the protagonist’s mother". Normally it stays within the frames of, "Sonny, eat some patties". However, in An Ordinary Woman my character isn’t limited to "the patties", she plays important role in the crime story, and I’m very happy about it.

Of course, there’s a reason why there’re so many jokes about mothers-in-law, all these features are conveyed well there. If you’re a mother-in-law, your daughter-in-law is always not good enough for you son: she doesn’t know how to raise the children, doesn’t pay enough attention to the household, she is busy with things that are not important... In case of my character, this attitude isn’t caused by some kind of anger, it’s just that Antonina Vasilievna likes to order people around. It’s the kind of person I am myself.

What mistakes did she make raising her son and could she actually avoid them?

She didn’t make any grave mistakes. She did her best raising him, now he’s responsible for his life himself. The problem here is not about the upbringing, it’s about parents being emotionally involved in their children’s lives even after they are mature. In An Ordinary Woman there are a lot of scenes with my character’s granddaughters. Sometimes I get scared by the nuances of parents-children relationship described in the script. I think, "Do I get to live through all this again?"

1-2-3 Production, Look Film Studio
Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeniy Nikishov
Boris Khlebnikov
Maria Melenevskaya, Denis Utochkin
Director of photography:
Denis Madyshev
Art director:
Olga Khlebnikova
Anna Mihalkova, Boris Khlebnikov, Evgeny Grishkovetz, Alexandra Bortich, Maria Andreeva, Aglaya Tarasova
Crime, Drama